Bristol is UK’s Top Wi-fi Workforce

by Kevin on June 14, 2012 · 0 comments

Three in 10 Bristolians (31%) use WiFi for work putting our City in front of London (23%) and well ahead of the national average (17%).

Bristol 24/7 has run a article on a Sky study illustrating the City-wide appetite for connectivity and digital interaction;

  • One in six people in Bristol (15%) have used public WiFi in the last day, with a third (33%) logging on in places like cafes, shops, restaurants, pubs and train stations in the past week, and just under half (45%) in the last month.
  • Bristol is also the UK’s social media city, with six in 10 WiFi users (62%) tweeting, tumbling, Facebooking and pinning while out of the house, more than any other part of the UK.
  • One in six also use WiFi to while away their time watching TV, movie or video clips on the go – more than any other city.

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