Job opportunity: Community assistant role on Social Mirror project in Knowle West, deadline is 23rd Jan at 9am

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The RSA are looking for someone to help out with the Social Mirror project in Knowle West: helping getting projects signed up, spreading the word on the ground, and helping ensure that the project runs smoothly when it starts in March. They are using a digital tool to help health practitioners and community volunteers connect local people to local activities and projects, if it looks like this will help the person’s health and wellbeing.

This is for someone who is pro-active and who cares about community, health, connecting people up and telling great stories about great local projects.
This position is part time (2-3 days) for two months, and you’ll get £8.55 an hour + benefits (like holiday pay). Deadline is 9am on Wednesday 23rd January

To be considered you should submit:

  1. A CV (max 2 pages)
  2. A cover letter that sets out what you have done so far and what you are like, and is linked to the person specification
  3. A Short exercise: Tell a story about your favourite community project!  Pick your favourite community project, and put together something that sets it out – this could be some text (max 500 words), or a poster, or a short video (max 60 seconds). The RSA are mainly interested in how you communicate your story, so do not worry too much about the format.


  • Assisting with community development and outreach work onsite in Knowle West, Bristol
  • Liaising with a range of local stakeholders and supporting communications
  • Developing offline and online content and communicating our work through a range of media
  • Helping to arrange and deliver local events



  • Some experience of events organisation and/or facilitation of events
  • Experience of working within communities
  • Some experience of project coordination and stakeholder liaison
  • An interest in and some knowledge of social innovation, the use of new technologies and/or innovation in health and community services.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Some experience of social media and blog writing.
  • The ability to effectively manage your own time and balance priorities: working in a different site to your line manager requires solid ‘upwards management’ skills and excellent communication.


  • Knowledge of (either through work, study or having lived there) of Bristol, and South Bristol and Knowle West in particular.
  • Experience of working on projects that target specific age groups: especially younger (18-25) and/or older (65+) age groups
  • Experience of working with community and/or healthcare practitioners
  • Experience of working with stakeholders involved in local public policy decision making
  • An understanding of the importance of people’s social and community connections for wellbeing and health
  • Experience of volunteering: either as a volunteer or experience of coordinating/working with volunteers

More Information and Instructions on How to Apply:

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Document 2

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