European Commission proposal for a Directive on the accessibility of the public sector bodies’ websites #GAAD

by Kevin on May 9, 2013 · 0 comments

The European Commission has recently released its proposals for a Directive on the accessibility of the public sector bodies’ websites. As more and more public bodies and authorities ‘channel shift’ service users toward digital channels this kid of directive will become increasingly important to all of us.

The proposal is aimed at

“approximating the laws, regulations and administrative provisions of the Member States related to the accessibility of the content of public sector bodies’ websites to all users, in particular people with functional limitations including persons with disabilities”.

The Commission said an example of how the proposals would work in practice would be where public sector bodies’ websites allow visually impaired people to “hear descriptions of images when using a screen reader” and for the hearing-impaired to see “written captions for audio files”. In addition, the Commission said that “all parts of a website” would have to be accessible using keyboards only as well as through using a computer mouse.

The proposal is currently being discussed in the European Parliament and Council. The proposal document is attached as a PDF.  If you have any comments on it or recommendations post them to the site as comments.

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