Green ICT

ICT is currently responsible for the same volume of carbon emissions as the airline industry. Our programme is helping Bristol to meet Carbon reduction targets by commissioning research, raising awareness, supporting behaviour change and piloting new approaches to ICT and Energy Efficiency.

Take on the Bristol Go Green Challenge and trial your innovation on the RBS estate, application deadline 7 July

by Kevin 25/06/2015 in Bristol

The search is on for the most innovative conceptual, garage-tested and market-ready solutions to trial on the RBS estate Bristol.
Do you have an innovative solution that can help RBS’ Bristol premises with any of the following?

Energy and efficiency
Travel and transport
Planning and resilience for local networks and communities
Happy and healthy workplaces and colleagues
Sustainable sourcing of local [...]

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Take the latest RBS Innovation Gateway opportunity with the Bristol Go Green Challenge

by Kevin 10/06/2015 in Bristol

The latest RBS Innovation Gateway opportunity, the Bristol Go Green Challenge, is now open for applications, offering innovators the chance to test their green solutions in RBS branches and buildings in Bristol.
The Bristol Go Green Challenge is looking for new ideas to tackle a range of resource efficiency challenges.
The bank is already trialling low-carbon technology [...]

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DECC publishes leaflet outlining plans for Smart Metering data

by Kevin 26/01/2015 in Bristol

The Government is rolling out  a £11bn plan to install smart energy meters in every home. Department of Energy & Climate Change published a leaflet explaining how data from these smart meters is expected to transform the market for energy services. The leaflet is available here: .

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Bristol’s Computer Reuse Scheme relaunches

by Kevin 03/12/2014 in Bristol

In 2010 the City Council established a Computer Reuse scheme aimed at making sure that anyone in Bristol who wanted to have a computer at home could have one. The scheme was enormously popular, and over the first few years more than 2000 PC’s were made available to people right across the City. As the [...]

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Take the Green Capital Digital Challenge to tackle Cities environmental issues and you could win £50,000

by Kevin 31/10/2014 in Bristol

As part of Bristol’s European Green Capital programme the City will be running a Green Digital Challenge competition to use software to tackle key environmental issues around energy, transport, food, resources and nature. Visit the competition for more information and to register.

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Event: Green and just? Inclusive Sustainability, 14 June 2014, The Park, Knowle, BS4 1DQ

by Kevin 07/04/2014 in Bristol

This Schumacher Institute Futures Conference will explore the pressing issues of inclusion and sustainability.
The scale and complexity of sustainability problems means solutions need to draw upon the widest possible base of knowledge and experience; a truly representative range of needs and perspectives need to be taken into account.
Speakers at this event include:

Dr Sue Porter: With [...]

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Q) Which Bristol ward is harvesting the most sunshine?

by Matthew 02/04/2014 in Bristol

More and more data sets are being released in open formats which means it is possible to download them and analyse them. There are also growing numbers of tools available to allow data to be presented in attractive and informative ways.
One particularly rich data set is the Feed In Tariff Installation Report produced by OFGEM. [...]

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Access real time air quality data via the “Internet of Things”

by Matthew 02/04/2014 in Bristol

With the current alerts on air quality across the UK it seemed timely to write a post about sensor technology and the Internet of Things. The concept is that in a Smart City more and more sensors will be connected to the internet so that people can access data that is relevant to them.
Air quality [...]

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Energy & Environment Open Data Challenge open for applications

by Matthew 14/02/2014 in Bristol

Applications  are now open for the Energy and Environment Open Data Challenge. You can start to put your ideas up on the participant platform here.  Further details of the datasets which are available and the process for getting involved can be found here. Nesta and the Open Data Institute have been developing this challenge over [...]

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