*Updated* National Director of the Digital Challenge Network

18 Jul, 07 by Stephen Hilton

National Director, ‘DC10’ Digital Challenge Network

This is an exciting opportunity for an individual consultant to build up the profile and influence of the recently founded DC10 group, of which Connecting Bristol is an active member.

DC10 are a group of 10 Local Authorities aiming to embed digital inclusion in local and national mainstream thinking. DC10 emerged as a group after reaching the Digital Challenge final, which was run by the Department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) with support from the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR), the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) and the Environmental and Health Sector.

The group is looking for a strong personality, able to coordinate and lead the group including representation at conferences and meetings; oversee the delivery of projects and activities; advise on national government policy changes and funding opportunities and involve and lobby key stakeholders and politicians.

Given the short-term nature of the initial contract understanding of digital inclusion issues, detailed knowledge of the Digital Challenge and experience working with Local Authorities, central government and alliances like DC10 are essential to hit the ground running.

This role will have access to Administrative support and is expected to travel nationally and internationally as appropriate.

The contract is being offered for a maximum of 12 months with Bristol City Council, on behalf of the DC10. The contract is negotiable over time and location to a total maximum cost of £75k depending on qualification and availability. Additional expenses will be met up to £10k.

Written response is required by 12 noon 10/08/2007. The full brief and role description are available HERE

**Update** Following considerable interest in this opportunity the DC10 interviewed three strong candidates, and were pleased to award the contract to Stephen Dodson, formally Innovations & Challenge Programme Director at the DCLG.