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To download the files, right click on them and select Save Link As. Or you can click on them to view/listen in your browser:

Connecting Bristol Overview (video)
3:00 mins | QuickTime 13.1Mb | Google Video
BBC Points West overview of Connecting Bristol

In Our Own Words (video), Knowle West Media Centre
6:49 mins | QuickTime 17.2Mb | Google Video
What would Digital Challenge mean to people in Knowle West?

Broadcast from Henbury (audio), David Aston, BBC
16:40 mins |
mp3 15.5Mb
Henbury’s digital future

Schools for the Future (audio), BBC Radio Bristol
4:04 mins | mp3 7.6Mb
Interviews with pupils and teachers on a new scheme to equip young people with PDAs

KWMC Tea Party (audio), GWR Bristol
0:39mins | mp3 933Kb
GWR’s coverage of Knowle West Media Centre’s Queens Award

Bristol Wireless (audio), David Aston, BBC
4:01mins | mp3 7.4Mb
Interviews with people from Bristol Wireless about this unique co-operative’s work.

Connecting South West Conference (video), David Aston, BBC
4:50 mins | QuickTime 24.3Mb | Google Video
Vov pops from the Connecting South West Conference.

Bristol Stories (video), David Aston, BBC
4:50 mins | QuickTime 24.1Mb | Google Video
Short film of the digital storytelling workshop in Henbury.

Henbury Update (video), David Aston, BBC
7:11 mins | QuickTime 24.1Mb | Google Video
A video update from Heather Barham on her work for the Connecting Bristol bid in Henbury.

If you do not have the right software on your computer to play these files, you can download QuickTime free here.