New ultrafast fibre option for Bristol homes and businesses

Ultrafast Broadband
28 Dec, 16 by Phil Higgins

BT Openreach is currently rolling out ultrafast speeds via fibre to the premises (FTTP) technology to 3,200 small and medium sized businesses and 2,200 residential premises in the Greater Bristol area, including parts of Avonmouth, Bedminster, Bishopsworth, Bristol Central, Bristol North, Bristol South, Bristol West, Easton, Fishponds, Henbury, Keynsham and Whitchurch.

These new FTTP services will deliver ultrafast speeds of more than 100Mbps and will enable businesses to run more applications and critical services simultaneously and at a faster rate.  For residents signing up to these new services, downloading at 300 Mbps would mean getting a two hour high definition film  in seconds rather than minutes.

The Greater Bristol deployment is part of BT Openreach’s plans to make ultrafast broadband technology available to one million small and medium sized businesses in the UK by the end of 2020.

An early Bristol business to sign up to this new service is Avonmouth-based Mathias and Sons – a corporate workwear and clothing company.  Chief Executive, Jason Mathias, said: “As a family-run business, we always act with the best long-term interests of the business in mind. Our old internet speed was serviceable, but clearly limited.

“Responsiveness is a cornerstone of the business that was being hindered by our internet speed. Following the fibre installation from Openreach, we are now able to send designs and concepts to customers in seconds where it used to take ten minutes.

“This connection is a great step forward for us and not only makes us more responsive and efficient, but it also helps to future-proof the business.”

Read the full news release from BT Group plc

Give your business an ultrafast boost in the New Year

Faster connectivity has the capability to transform the productivity and competitiveness of local businesses, allowing them to utilise services – like cloud services or back up data – much quicker and more efficiently.  We have seen Mathias & Sons’ story of processes transformed repeated across businesses who have upgraded to superfast or ultrafast speeds.  Read more case studies.

BT is one of a number of other companies investing in the Bristol area offering ultrafast services which also includes: The Bristol Network, City Fibre and Virgin Media.  Contact a provider direct or a local telecoms consultancy for expert advice. Start the new year with an ultrafast broadband boost to your business.