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Exploring new technology for smarter streets and homes

Over the next few years, people in Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill could trial new technologies to help them save energy and money, and explore new ways of travelling around, as part of the REPLICATE project.  The project will research how smart technology could benefit local people and neighbourhoods.  The trial aims to reduce energy use, rethink transport choices and use infrastructure, such as lampposts, in new ways.  There will be plenty of opportunities for local people and community groups to get involved and shape the initiatives together.

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Connected living – try new smart appliances in your home

Try internet connected appliances like smart fridges and washing machines. These manage their own energy consumption within preferences you set, and could save you money. Smart appliances will be available to a limited number of households, alongside other energy saving measures.

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Smarter homes – warmer and more energy efficient

The REPLICATE project will provide some homes with low energy LED lighting and more energy efficient ways to heat your home, saving households money on their energy bills. A small number of suitable homes will also be offered solar panels and potentially battery storage.  

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Smarter streets – new ways of getting around

There will be an electric bike scheme, an electric car club, and an electric taxi bus. These transport options will be brought together in travel apps to give you more ways to get around and make it easier for drivers to find a local parking space.

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Created By Us – issues that matter to you

Explore new ways of tackling local problems, such as damp in homes. Work with others to design new tools to measure the scale of the problem and address it together. Whether you’re affected by an issue or have skills you’d like to share, please get in touch.

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As a European project, REPLICATE is working closely with our partner cities, Florence (Italy) and San Sebastian (Spain).  These cities are testing different smart solutions and Bristol will learn from them and share our city’s experiences.  This will help us understand which of the smart approaches could be used across Bristol and in other European and world cities.     

In Bristol, the REPLICATE project is led by Bristol City Council working in partnership with the city’s universities and seven other local partners.  The project is funded by the European Commission, with local partner organisations collectively receiving €7 million to deliver the project in Bristol.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No 691735