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Event: Transform Digital, @Bristol, 15th & 16th September 2015

by Kevin 21/04/2015 in Bristol

In the world of digital infrastructure it’s clear that we’re moving into a new environment, after a period where the Superfast agenda resulted in nearly all the public funding going to one big player. Now, driven perhaps by frustration in rural areas and by investment opportunities in cities, we are seeing the accelerated development of alternative [...]

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Bristol small businesses: Do you want up to £3000 free money to upgrade your broadband?

by Kevin 06/06/2014 in Bristol

If you are looking for the catch, there isn’t one. Under the Connection Vouchers scheme you can access up to £3000 to offset the capital costs of upgrading your broadband connection to superfast.You can apply for a voucher if;

You are a SME , Charity or Social Enterprise
Your connection will cost over £200
You are asking for [...]

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What will the benefits of next generation broadband be? Govt report looks to set it out

by Kevin 17/12/2013 in Bristol

Over the last few years there has been a very considerable investment in upgrading the broadband capability of the UK. The Rural and Urban broadband programmes have seen hundreds of millions of pounds of capital investment in infrastructure with the ultimate goal of seeing a significant national uplift in jobs, growth and international competitiveness. But [...]

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Thinking of moving house? Want to know what sort of broadband service you can expect? Try this tool

by Kevin 21/11/2013 in Bristol

Broadband is more and more being considered as a utility, much like gas or electricity. If you are moving house you’d want to know that you could receive reliable mains gas and electric, but now you can also get an indication of the sorts of broadband services you could get access to. Rightmove have developed [...]

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Do you want superfast fibre broadband? Some things you should know

by Kevin 03/07/2013 in Bristol

UK homes and businesses in Bristol can now connect, for the very first time, to superfast fibre broadband lines offering download speeds of up to 1Gb.
Many of the UK’s major mainstream providers are already offering fibre lines that can deliver speeds of 40Mb to even 100Mb throughout much of the country.
But the real cutting edge [...]

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Why businesses need superfast broadband in 2013

by Kevin 06/02/2013 in Bristol

The advent of fibre broadband has spawned the phrase ‘superfast’ broadband. Maximum speeds of 100Mb are already widely available and are set to double, and more, in the not too distant future. But why does your business need to be superfast in terms of broadband?
Location, location, location
The broadband postcode lottery can be cruel, especially if [...]

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Radio 4’s “In Business” programme covers UK Governments broadband ambitions

by Kevin 14/12/2012 in Bristol

The Government has expressed very ambitious targets for connectivity in the UK. The vision is that nine out of ten homes and businesses in every county in the UK should have access to superfast broadband by 2015.
Bristol has its own ambitious ‘Gigabit Bristol’ plan to deliver Ultrafast connectivity in the City, but these projects are [...]

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Event: NextGen Roadshow, Bristol, 17 July

by Kevin 03/07/2012 in Bristol

NextGen are holding a roadshow at @Bristol to set out the plans for next generation broadband  in Bristol and showcase the creative innovations that will be enabled through Ultrafast broadband. One of these innovations to be demonstarted will be 3D printing in chocolate.
Alongside the 3D printer the NextGen Bristol road show will feature presentations from [...]

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BT to offer 300 Mbps Fibre to the Premises Connectivity in 2013

by Kevin 06/02/2012 in Bristol

BT have announced that they will soon be offering broadband speeds of up to 300mbps to homes and businesses in the UK. Using their network of fibre connected cabinets, BT will be able to extend a fibre connection directly to some households or business premises on demand. The fundamental difference between fibre to the premises [...]

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