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Martha Lane Fox urges Government towards Digital Revolution

by Kevin 23/11/2010 in Bristol

In her role as Digital Champion, Martha Lane Fox has called for Government to take radical and revolutionary steps to ensure that it becomes easier to access government services and make payments over the internet.
In a report to Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maud she highlighted the inefficient and bureaucratic nature of many DirectGov services, and [...]

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Digital Inclusion Champion Martha Lane Fox talks to the BBC

by Kevin 23/03/2010 in People

As part of the BBC’s Digital Giant’s series Martha Lane Fox gives her views on a range of topics including the future of the web, open source and digital inclusion;

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Martha Lane Fox promotes digital inclusion economic benefits

by Kevin 19/10/2009 in Bristol

Britain’s Digital Inclusion Champion, Martha Lane Fox has been seen widely in the press this week highlighting the importance of internet access and skills, particularly to the Country’s poorest households . The BBC website has video of an interview conducted with HardTalk, and she has also spoken to the Today programme on Radio 4, the [...]

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Barbara Janke and Martha Lane Fox talk about Bristol the Digital City

by Stephen Hilton 25/08/2009 in Bristol

Bristol City Council’s Leader Barbara Janke and Martha Lane Fox, Champion for the Governments Digital Inclusion Task Force, discussing the potential impact of Digital Inclusion across the City.

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