Tiny Tours – the first app running on The Bristol API!

22 Jul, 16 by Katherine Rooney

The Tiny Tours App brings together info about days out in Bristol with journey planning using open data from The Bristol API.

Those of you who are regulars to Connecting Bristol will know that, a) here in Bristol we like to publish open data, b) we have our own transport data API called The Bristol API, c) we like to run events to encourage people to use open data to help solve city challenges, and d) like Hannibal from the A-Team, we LOVE it when a plan comes together.

So we were very pleased when Tiny Tours, built by Blue Sparrow Apps, hit the app stores on Wednesday, (available on Android and iOS).

The app features a variety of fun activities and ideas for days out in Bristol targeted at families combined with live travel timings taken from open data made available by the council. The app makes it easier to organise visits, especially if using public transport, in advance and on the move, which is especially useful now that the summer holidays are here!

James and Ryan from Blue Sparrow Apps won our first Open Data Challenge Event in January of this year. The engagement workshop encouraged attendees to make use of The Bristol API (application programming interface) which at that point had been newly created for the council by UrbanThings. In his blog, Carl Partridge of Urban Things says, “It’s very rewarding to see this app being brought to fruition, and we hope it will encourage other Bristol developers to sign up to the next event in the autumn.”

James Harris, Managing Director at Blue Sparrow, said: “We are excited that this app is ready to be launched only six months after we first prototyped it at the workshop. For a small start-up like us, it is great to see the council providing opportunities like the Open Data Challenge events to develop new ideas and push us to work outside of our normal briefs. We look forward to developing Tiny Tours and would love to hear people’s feedback.”

You can hear Laura from Blue Sparrow talking about Tiny Tours on BBC Radio Bristol  (starts at 1:05:30, available on iplayer until 17/08/16).

So if you are in Bristol, and planning a day out, (or a half day, or even a shorter trip), we recommend you have a look at Tiny Tours, which lets you filter for ‘free’ places and also things to do on rainy days, of which there will certainly be at least a few between now and the start of the new school year!