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Ultrafast Broadband

Gigabit broadband infrastructure is being developed throughout Bristol city region to help our economy grow and benefit our citizens. We’re working in partnership with both public and private sector organisations to bring faster, better connections across the city and region. Gigabit broadband will allow Bristol residents and businesses to fully utilize the capabilities of their connected devices.

Check out the new Government program Gigabit Voucher Scheme to get a grant for ultrafast broadband.

Incentives - Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Businesses and residents in the Bristol City Council area could benefit now from a grant to get gigabit-ready broadband. This new Government pilot scheme aims to bring ultrafast infrastructure to those areas suffering from slow internet connections.

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Home Users

With ultrafast broadband you’ll enjoy the full benefit from all your electronic devices. Connect all your home gadgets and appliances without suffering delays from a poor connection. Prepare your home for the technology of the future.

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Don’t let your internet speed go slower than your business growth. Take advantage of Bristol’s developing gigabit broadband infrastructure and benefit from all the opportunities an ultrafast connection can provide your business.

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What is it

Connecting Bristol is the city’s digital partnership and is coordinated by the Bristol City Council’s City Innovation Team. The team strives to pilot the potential of the latest smart technologies to ensure that Bristol becomes a resilient, sustainable, prosperous, inclusive and livable place.

Connecting Bristol is working on the growth of its ultrafast connection broadband across the city to give response to some of the challenges of the future, when all the cities will have to be exceedingly well connected to procure the necessities of its inhabitants.

Our work is delivered in partnership with the Government, other public sector agencies, the private sector and the community and their representatives.

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