Benefits for businesses

Full fibre broadband is the ‘gold standard’ for speed and reliability and will help your business grow and be more successful.  Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

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Raise productivity

Full fibre easily handles large files in seconds and minutes - not hours. Free up lost time in your business. Your employees will be able to access data hungry processes at the same time with minimal delay - boosting productivity.

Work in new ways

Your full fibre connection will enable new more flexible ways of working. Hold reliable high definition video conferences and reduce travel time; work collaboratively on real-time cloud tools.

Take advantage of the cloud

Back up masses of data in seconds, not hours. Use more cloud based services for your software and infrastructure to improve efficiency and resilience.

More reliable - less downtime

Full fibre services are more reliable than copper broadband, so they'll be less downtime and more satisfied customers.

Innovate more

Businesses with full fibre have the connectivity to accelerate other innovations in their business, like VOIP phones.

Develop your online offer

Full fibre will enable your business to develop its e-commerce offer to better sell your goods and services - and provide better customer support.