“Perfect is the enemy of good in open data…”

Written by Katherine Rooney on 06 Jan, 16
Responsible innovation

This great podcast from Centre for Cities is well worth a listen.

Here in Bristol we are a Node of the Open Data Institute (ODI). There are ODI Nodes all over the world, and we work closely with the Node network and the ODI, to share learning, innovations and inspiration, all on the subject of open data.

The podcast features Tom Forth, who works with the ODI Node in Leeds, and Doug McLeod from Socrata. Socrata provide cloud-based open data platforms for governments and cities across America and Europe, (including Chicago, New York, and us here in Bristol).

It’s very nice to be name checked in the podcast as a council that has decided open data is something that we want to be good at, (along with Leeds, Trafford, Bath and others). There are also all sorts of other mentions for organisations who do interesting things around open data, and a good number of practical examples for anyone thinking about or already working on open data within a local government or public sector setting.

My top take away from the podcast is – “Perfect is the enemy of good in Open Data”. Followed by a question to pose those that are wary of opening their data: “Consider what value you are getting from the data now, (usually not a lot), and then consider the potential value that you might get back by opening it – people are continually amazed by what gets made by people once the data is open”

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