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Written by Woodsy on 25 Oct, 06
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Recent visitors to Bristol Wireless’ chat channel will have noticed a new user – eggzy – in addition to the usual suspects. When you log in, eggzy’s there with a friendly greeting for you, but unlike everyone else on the channel, eggzy isn’t human.


In fact, eggzy is an IRC bot, originally developed by EggHEADS.org, and performs a number of useful functions, including a searchable knowledgebase and recording users’ last visits (very handy for hunting those hard to find people); eggzy can also learn stuff too, which then gets added to the knowledgebase. Martin Cosgrave, who is looking after eggzy, tells me that he’s continuing to work on eggzy to make him friendlier and more useful. He also told me of one bot he came across that performed a play in its own channel window and, if anyone dared to talk during the show, a virtual usher would politely tell them to keep quiet.

If you’d like to experience eggzy yourself, you need to add the following information to your IRC client (e.g. Gaim, XChat, Trillian, mIRC, etc.):

  • Server: irc.psand.net/6667
  • Channel: #clan

Alternatively, you could always use the link at the head of this article and the chat channel will appear in your web browser.

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