Action for Blind People’s iCan Appeal

Written by Marius on 20 Aug, 12
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Action for Blind People’s specialist computer centre  in Bristol is relaunching with a new bespoke course for partially sighted and blind people.  The course is run over a six week period for a total of 18 hours and is tailored to the individual’s specific need by providing customised accessible technology.  Learners will be supported by the computer centre manager, Scott Wood, as well as a team of volunteers who can offer one on one assistance where needed.  Outcomes for the course will be practical and task related to the learners needs, for example, how to do online shopping or access job sites.  Support continues once learners have completed the six week course as volunteers continue to visit the individual in their own home.  This ensures that learners are able to transfer learnt skills into their own environment.

The iCan Appeal has been launched to help raise £87,000.00 for the ongoing running costs of the centre and to ensure that the people needing support are able to be helped.  On the 4th October 2012 the centre is having a launch day to see their good work in action as getting the opportunity to try different technologies.  Then on the 20th October 2012 staff and volunteers will be fundraising and showcasing  assistive technology at the Galleries in Broadmead.    Please show your support by coming along.  You can also see additional ways of supporting the iCan Appeal at  Alternatively contact Sharon Woodhams, Community Fundraising Manager, on telephone 01179 537770 or email

Action for Blind People are in particular asking for support from local businesses and in return the charity can help companies to ensure that their staff have up to date eye care information, and provide advice on how best to market their services to the blind and partially sighted population.

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