Award Winning Data Centre

Written by Matt on 15 Mar, 10
World-class connectivity

Bristol City Council’s new Data Centre has been named winner of the ‘Innovation in the Micro-Data Centre Award’ at the 2009 Datacentre Leaders Awards. These national awards recognize sustainability, efficiency and true innovation across the industry.

The Data Centre is housed in the Council House and uses the latest energy efficient design to save £20,000 per year in electricity.  By using the Council House moat to provide chilled water for the air conditioning, the Data Centre will only need 20% of the power used to run the servers for cooling, and there are plans to reduce that even further.

The design and operation of data centres of fewer than 20 racks (cabinets holding multiple servers) brings with it its own problems of space utilisation, power distribution and back-up, cooling, access and also security. The majority of micro-data centres are situated in buildings designed primarily for purposes other than housing IT and this may accentuate the challenges of designing and operating a micro-data centre.

“Working on the design in conjunction with Future-Tech, we have achieved an elegant solution to a tricky problem” commented Geoff Endicott, the City Council’s senior Customer of the project.

He continued: “This year’s awards paid particular attention to Green ICT, with the Carbon Reduction Commitment and the European Code of Conduct of significant importance.

“Team working and collaboration across traditional boundaries were key elements in the success of this project.  We also looked at other energy efficiencies but it was not possible to re-use waste energy at this point in time. However the system has been designed in such a way that it could be powered from a combined heat and power plant during winter, allowing the option of waste heat re-use when 4th floor heating is replaced in the Council House”.

The “innovative design” was placed ahead of those at Blackpool and The Fylde College, the University of Hertfordshire and the Ministry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency.

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