B-Open Commissions Announced

Written by sarah on 14 Sep, 10
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Many thanks to all those who submitted a proposal for B-Open strand of  Media Sandbox 2010. We are delighted to announce the commissioned projects:

1. Overlay Media will develop a digital map to help people with restricted mobility, such as wheelchair users, older people and people with pushchairs, find the best and easiest route between two places. The route will take into account information on hills, cobbled streets and the location of drop-kerbs for example.

2. Mobile Pie will create Blossom Bristol, a phone based game that will encourage people to plant virtual crops in any part of Bristol and watch as they flourish or fail depending on environmental factors such as the city’s air quality, water quality, weather and temperature. The player’s real-life activities will also feed into their success in the game with credits and rewards being offered when players choose to shop locally or at a Farmer’s Market.

3. Later this year, all council’s will be required to publish detailed figures on all items of expenditure over £500. Delib will develop a website that will set out this complex financial information in easy to understand and accessible ways.

We look forward to working closely with them and keeping you up to date on their progress.  There will also be several events to showcase work on these projects over the next few months, with a major showcase event taking place next February.

Media Sandbox also has a monthly newsletter with a round-up of project updates and information on the upcoming events.

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