Barton Hill game workshop

Written by Kevin O'Malley on 15 Dec, 06
Responsible innovation World-class connectivity

On wednesday night Drew Mackie and David Wilcox led a group  of Barton Hill residents through a card game which tested and developed some of the ideas that have evolved as part of Bristol’s Digital Challenge bid. We then worked on creating some fictional, but realistic, user journeys for a group of people in Bristol, examining how the Digital Challenge projects impact, effect or improve their lives. It was great fun with everyone getting involved in breathing life into the characters, and seeing the real, life-changing opportunities digital connectivity can bring to individuals and to their communities.

David has blogged the event in detail on his site. You can also listen to local artist Jenny Sheehan discussing her feelings about the benefits of connecting people and communities to new technology in a short video filmed after the event.

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