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Ultrafast Broadband
29 Jun, 17 by Phil Higgins

On Bristol’s first Broadband Speed Test Day, we wanted to share the benefits to businesses of going ultra fast with their their broadband connection.

Local businesses speak about the benefits of a faster, better connection

A recent UK Government scheme (now closed) helped 1300 businesses in the West of England secure a faster broadband connection.  Businesses found their new connection helped them to thrive.  Equipped with their faster connection they become more productive, access new services – like VOIP phones – develop new service and achieve higher level of customer satisfaction, whilst boosting profits.

“Since having the new superfast broadband we have been able to sync files much faster across the team enabling us to be more productive and offer a better service to our clients.”
Piers Tincknell, Director.  Business: website design for charities / arts organisations

Hear from other super fast Bristol businesses

Did you know? 
UK loses £11bn a year due to slow internet, with average employee losing 38 hrs work a year! 

Bristol’s improving business connectivity

Bristol has improving digital connectivity, so if you haven’t checked your options for a while, there may be new full fibre / ultrafast options now available to you.  A range of telecoms providers are active in the city, including City Fibre, The Bristol Network, BT Business and Virgin Media for Business.  

Many of these companies have made recent, significant investments to improve choice for businesses in their broadband offer.  Businesses interested in full fibre services now have more choice than ever before.   Know your options and don’t hinder your business with a slow connection.  

Business benefits of better, faster broadband

  1. Know the benefits of better broadband *
  2. Explore the benefits by your sector *

Also, see the guidance from OFCOM for businesses choosing a communications provider.

*thanks to Superfast Business Wales

Professional independent advice

Many business benefit from the services of a specialist business-to-business telecoms consultant to help them understand the options available to them

There are also online business broadband comparison sites, like Think Broadband, however, these may not cover the full range of providers.

Give us your feedback

Complete our short survey about your current service and demand for new ultrafast services.  This will improve our understanding of the connectivity needs of the city’s businesses.

broadband - survey

Any help to go faster?

Many businesses find the overwhelming business case for better connectivity is enough to move them to get a better connection.  We have seen UK Government incentives in the past and expect new incentives around full fibre in the future, although plans are still being developed.

Complete the survey to register your interest.

Come along to an event

We’ll be organising events so businesses can hear from others that have already benefited from ultra fast service, again register your interest in our survey for an invite.