Boost your broadband during the lockdown? Know your options

Written by admin on 01 May, 20
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We’re all using more data than ever  before.  Home broadband connections (fixed) are often being used simultaneously for learning, streaming music and working from home.  Businesses are also dependent on their quality of broadband like never before, as they adapt to serving more customers online and support their employees working from home.resident on laptop

Faster connections now available across Bristol

The latest figures from OFCOM (2019) show:

  • 33% of Bristol can already get full fibre – the latest infrastructure where a fibre optic cable runs all the way to your property delivering faster speeds, more capacity and better reliability
  • 95% of Bristol can  already get superfast broadband – download speeds above 30 mbps
  • 85% of Bristol homes and businesses can also get cable broadband from Virgin Media which can give you ultrafast speeds (300 mbps+ download)

Yet, the majority of homes choose standard broadband using copper cables, when faster services are available.  So, if you’re struggling with a ‘maxed out’ home broadband connection, or need more speed for your business, take the following steps.

  • Know your speed – use a speed checker to see what you’re getting
  • See if full fibre is already available at your address
  • Use broadband comparison sites to see what’s available
  • If you’re a business, talk to a telecoms consultant.  They may be able to offer gigabit vouchers which provide up to £2.5k to get gigabit-ready broadband.  Triangle Networks has been the most successful in connecting many Bristol businesses and is a supplier on the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme, alongside many other supplier.

Businesses – hurry for up to £2.5k towards gigbit broadband

If you are a business and are interested in a £2.5k government grant towards installation of gigabit broadband, you must move quickly as Government funding to help businesses in Bristol has almost been fully committed.

For a few quid extra – you could get superfast or ultrafast

For home users, often the cost difference between slow standard broadband or superfast / ultrafast packages is minimal.  Check to see if you are out of contract – most domestic broadband contracts are between 12 and 18 months long.  Many people are not getting a good deal as their broadband contract is automatically renewed and they didn’t shop around.

Also, if your price changes mid-contract, under OFCOM rules, you may be able to switch provider depending on the size of the increase and your contract.  Find out more

Discuss a faster package with your existing provider

If you’re fed up with life in the slow lane, contact your provider and look at upgrading to a faster package.  Get prepared and find out cost of this for new customers, or with other providers, and negotiate with them.  Harder in contract, but it may be possible if you extend the contract.

I’m out of contract – go bag a bargain!

You’re in the strongest position if you’re out of contract, you’ll be able to shop around for the best deal and see what speeds are available to you.  Look at the difference in price between standard broadband and superfast broadband – for a few pounds extra a month, you could get a much better connection and a smooth and fast broadband experience in your home.

Advice from OFCOM about shopping around 

What about corona virus and switching?

Telecoms is an essential service and it should be possible to switch provider or upgrade during this lockdown period.  If the faster package is provided over the existing line, there should be no need for anybody to visit your home.   Discuss what’s possible with your provider – find out more

Getting more speed from your existing connection

Small things, like positioning of your broadband router, and which telephone socket could make a difference to your speed.  Find out what you can do to go faster at home. 

Find out more about Openreach’s full fibre roll out in Bristol

Openreach is investing millions of pounds to bring full fibre broadband to the city.  Watch the video and find out more

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