Representing Bristol and REPLICATE at the Smart City World Expo

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 05 Dec, 18
Focus on city challenges

From the 13th November until the 15th November, a small delegation from The REPLICATE project attended the Smart City Expo World Congress. During the three day event, we had the chance to learn how other cities are transforming into a smart city and their experiences of introducing new smart city services – to contribute to Bristol’s own smart city journey. The main themes of the Expo were: Digital Transformation, Urban Environment, Mobility, Governance & Finance and Inclusive & Sharing Cities – some of the key areas of The REPLICATE project.

During this year’s event, there was a major presence of Smart City Platforms which offered an integrated way to manage various services in cities’ operations centres.  As Bristol develops the services of its operations centre, we were particularly interested in the capabilities and benefits of these platforms and some practical issues related to their implementation.

The Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and we saw many companies offering sensors in lamp posts, charging points and on-demand services dependent on sensors e.g. waste collection.  We shall take our learning from the Expo to help inform Bristol’s smart city strategy.   Many of the sensors in the Expo used a LoraWan network, in the same way as the e-bikes tracking system being deployed as part of our REPLICATE project.

Many companies and Horizon 2020 projects use a citizen-centric approach as part of their engagement strategy to contribute towards an open innovation culture. As part of the SCC1 projects, there was a chance of taking part in some workshops including Communication & Dissemination and Citizen Engagement.  REPLICATE partners shared their learning with others to add to ways for innovation projects to better engage with people.

Overall, the Expo helped us to showcase REPLICATE and Bristol’s innovation work and gain valuable insights into what other smart cities and major suppliers are doing.

The event in numbers:

  • 21,331 visitors
  • 844 exhibitors
  • +700 cities
  • 146 countries
  • + 400 speakers
  • +60 side events

If you are interested in learning more about The REPLICATE project, visit our website

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