Bristol Green Doors App

27 Sep, 13 by Matthew

This weekend is Bristol Green Doors weekend, with 32 home opening across Bristol and sharing their experiences of energy saving and low carbon technologies.

Bristol University is supporting the event by releasing a free smartphone app for Apple and Android phones. It is called GreenDoors, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

iPhone —

Android —

If you have already downloaded it, please check you have the most up-to-date version. (Last Apple release was on Sun 22nd, last Android release on Wed 25th).

The app provides information about the homes, map functionality to help you get there, a filter function to let you find the homes of most interest to you, and lets you contact some of the householders to ask follow-up questions after the event. It also allows you to scan codes of homes and features you are most interested in, and then provides you with a personalised report  with information to help you take things further.

If you are visiting homes, please do try the app out. Bristol University are also looking for participants willing to fill out surveys afterwards, in return for gift vouchers.  The data they collect will be used to improve the system and support future  green doors events both in Bristol and elsewhere, as well as to contribute to broader research. The work is funded by the UK Research Councils Digital Economy programme.

Even if you aren’t visiting homes, but are interested, do download it and check it out.