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Written by Matt on 25 Oct, 09
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Bristol Wireless is committed to social improvement through the building of a wireless computer network. This volunteer run co-operative research and develop services and products to help people to reduce the carbon footprint and cost of their ICT, including low power hardware, open source software and wireless networking. Bristol Wireless also wipe and refurbish old computer equipment therefore extending its useful life with open source software.

Chairman Peter Ferne said: “By refurbishing and reconfiguring existing hardware we extend its useful working life reducing or removing the need to constantly upgrade or replace equipment. Where new equipment is required we also advise on, and supply, low power, energy efficient devices.

“For example, we supply a low power 20 workstation suite for events or training, which has a total power requirement of under 500 watts and can be powered entirely by renewable energy.”

Bristol Wireless recently installed some new Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) thin clients in secure cabinets at Easton Community Centre. The LTSP adds thin-client support to Linux servers. This flexible, cost-effective solution empowers schools, businesses, and organisations all over the world to install and deploy desktop workstations. Both thin clients and PCs can be used to browse the web, send e-mail, create documents and run other desktop applications.

Next on the Green ICT agenda for Bristol Wireless is experimentation with solar powered wireless access points, and seeking ways to reduce the power consumption of thin client systems.

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) - CC Flickr trekandy

Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) - CC Flickr trekandy

For more information log on to: or call 0117 325 0067.



If you are considering implementing Green ICT solutions, here are some Top Tips from Bristol Wireless Community Cooperative Ltd:

• It is possible to break out of the cycle of endless upgrades and save money on hardware

• Adopting Open Source can save significant amounts of money on software licensing and boost productivity

• For the best results plan a managed transition, with appropriate levels of training and support

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