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Written by Matt on 24 Oct, 09
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The University of Bristol is ranked as one of the top 10 universities in the UK, and although one of the oldest institutions, it is riding the crest of the digital wave and becoming a Green ICT Champion.

One of the key aims of the University’s IT Strategy is the Environment: to develop sustainable approaches to provision of IT and to minimise the impact that IT equipment has on the environment.

Its 5,100 staff and 17,500 students require an exceptional ICT service enabling them to work and communicate on campus, from halls, at home or in the library café. ICT also plays a crucial role in administering payroll, processing admissions and student records, research and e-learning.

Over the last few years the University has successfully used ICT to reduce its energy use and carbon emissions in a variety of ways, from centralising file storage provision therefore reducing the need for local servers; charging students for printing and copying; and setting printers and copiers to duplex printing. Other initiatives include promoting the use of recycled paper, using low energy PCs and allowing staff to work from home.

Another pioneering change adopted by the University is the reduction in the number of physical servers and implementing server virtualisation.

The results from the Green ICT modifications speak for themselves – a reduction in the number of services required, lower energy requirements, greater control of printing costs and a reduction in commuting.

Next on the horizon for the University of Bristol’s ICT strategy is the consolidation into more efficient data centres – watch this space!

For more information log on to: or call 0117 928 7864.



If you are considering implementing Green ICT solutions, here are some Top Tips from the University:

• Most green IT initiatives can be justified in terms of conventional business benefits e.g. lower costs and more productive staff

• Demand for server capacity will continue to increase, and so will energy requirements. We can only mitigate these increases and hence savings need to be sought aggressively from client devices, peripherals and data centre environmental control

• Changing people is harder than changing technology

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