‘Bristol Is Open’ for Technology Testers – join us for a walk and open technology trial!

Written by Hannah Boast on 12 Sep, 17
Responsible innovation

Fancy a brisk walk around the city with friends, family or colleagues to support an open technology trial?

Between 18 and 22 SeptemberBristol Is Open would like you to join us on an interactive, digital treasure hunt around Bristol’s city centre, discovering some of the city’s hidden gems as you go. All you’ll need is an Android device and a sense of adventure. Find out more about how the game works and get inspired by watching this short video:

BIO TRIAL 30secPROMO SEPT 18-24 from Keira Freeman on Vimeo.

The game requires teams of three to six players to download the trial app on an Android device and sign up. The players will then navigate their way around the city, led by the app, finding clues to solve a puzzle. The whole thing should take 45 minutes to an hour, and will help to prove some really ground-breaking networking technology. Find out more about the technology here.

Bristol Is Open is a joint R&D venture between University of Bristol and Bristol City Council in the development of Smart City technologies and Future Communications.

Interested in finding out more about Bristol Is Open? You can contact info@bristolisopen.com with any questions about the trial, or the project more generally.

The trial game was developed by one of our partners Interdigital Europe in collaboration with CTVC, and is part of an European-funded project called POINT.


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