The Bristol Pilot is spreading the word

Written by Miren Iza on 15 Apr, 19
Focus on city challenges

REPLICATE’s Bristol Pilot is spreading its wings. Now that all our initiatives within the city are active, it’s time to let the world know what we’re doing and encourage other cities to follow in our ‘smart’ footsteps. March was a busy month for us, we attended various events in several different countries to talk about our Smart City Projects.

In early March we attended the Flex-ergy Energy Flexibility event in Copenhagen, hosted by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. We showcased community engagement approaches to smart city projects and also discussed the Bristol Energy Company and it’s potential role. Later in the month, we had a speaker slot at the Eurocities Social Innovation Lab in Glasgow, where we explained our approach to tackling fuel poverty through the REPLICATE Smart Homes project to attendees from over 50 cities in Europe. City politicians, officers and change makers (social enterprises and foundations) joined forces to pilot a new way of working for ‘Making Inclusive Cities through Social Innovation’ through workshops and networking sessions to co-design innovative solutions to pressing social challenges in their cities.

Moreover, Bristol pilot’s various REPLICATE initiatives were showcased at the Public Health and Sustainable Transport Summit held right here in Bristol City Hall – mentioned in a previous blogpost. We had an e-bike on display as well as the ladybird, an air-quality sensor co-created with local communities using the Bristol Approach. Find out more about Bristol’s initiatives and the other participating cities at the Replicate Project EU website.

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