Bristol signs global joint statement calling for a fair digital transition

Written by Catherine Makin on 26 Jun, 20
Responsible innovation

Bristol has signed a global joint statement calling for a human-centred digital transition in cities. The statement echos our own Connecting Bristol strategy in needing to ensure that “the benefits of digitalization reach everyone, providing economic opportunities, reducing inequalities and protecting rights”.

Bristol, with 15 other European cities have signed a joint statement asking national governments to support cities to achieve the fair digital transition needed to ensure all citizens can benefit from post-Covid recovery plans. These cities and their city leaders are collectively calling for an EU digital agenda that addresses the digital divide and ensures adequate resources to undergo a fair digital transition in cities.

Our vision for Bristol is of hope, aspiration and inclusion. To achieve this we must ensure the prosperity of the city is accessible to everyone. This goal has never been more important than now, not only in Bristol, but across Europe. Digital technologies are vital to our shared ambitions and Bristol City Council are focused on delivering the digital foundations the city needs to thrive. A focus on people, inclusivity and collaboration is at the core of our work in the City Innovation Team, and our Connecting Bristol strategy outlines our commitment to ensuring everyone can benefit from, participate in and contribute to the social and economic benefits of digital technology.

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