Bristol SMEs continue to benefit from Gigabit Voucher Scheme – up to £3k

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09 Aug, 18 by Phil Higgins

Bristol based SME – Edenvale Young – is the latest company to benefit from the Government’s Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme available in the city.

The company is a a civil engineering and scientific consultancy specialising in the fluvial, coastal and maritime environment with colleagues working in the office or at home and abroad.  Like many businesses, they were ‘getting- by’ with a poor, slow connection and have been transformed by their new full fibre, gigabit connection – boosting their productivity and unlocking new ways of working and greater use of the cloud .  Read their case study

If you are a Bristol-based SME – and remember this definition includes charities and other organisations – contact a supplier on this Government scheme and discuss how gigabit broadband can make a difference to your business.   Funding is available for a limited period, so make that move today.

From ‘getting-by’ to thriving with full fibre

We’ve been out visiting businesses who have benefitted from the scheme.  In many cases, businesses were ‘getting-by’ and not convinced of the need for high speed broadband, however, after getting it installed – helped by an up to £3k grant from the Government scheme – their new connection is helping their business grow, innovate and work in new ways.  Niggling frustration with a slow, unreliable connection is a thing of the past and businesses can get on with serving and winning new customers, improving their productivity and innovating new services.

If you’re in business and ‘getting-by’ with a slow connection, contact a supplier today to see the difference gigabit broadband could make to your fortunes…..

Residents can benefit as well

Residents can also get involved by working with businesses in a scheme and could qualify for £500 to get gigabit broadband.    Find out more