Building a digital twin city

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 19 Apr, 21
Focus on city challenges

TwinERGY aims to prove that a better energy ecosystem is possible. It introduces a first of its kind Demand Response Framework, a solution that incorporates digital intelligence so that citizens can actively adapt their consumption to market fluctuations through the help of data and automation.


As part of the Bristol’s One City Plan, by 2050 Bristolians will be well-connected with digital services and efficient and sustainable transport. TwinERGY supports these objectives through innovative tools that ensure a more affordable energy.


The heart of the Bristol Pilot will be to explore how to improve energy efficiency and sustainable attitudes within communities. Could citizens start playing a more active role in the energy market if they were aware of the technical possibilities offered by the Digital Twin Technology? Bristol will discover it!


The Bristol Approach, a proven framework for fostering community-driven digital innovations, leads the co-exploration and identification of citizens’ concerns around energy consumption. It provides a set of tools to engage citizens in the co-design of technological solutions to ensure that the project accommodates their needs and priorities. The Bristol pilot focuses on involving groups often underrepresented in the debate of emerging and future energy markets (e.g. young people, minority groups, homes in fuel poverty).

What for?

·       Promote solutions to local authorities to tackle people-led innovations in the energy system.

·       Increase citizens’ awareness of energy consumption.

·       Foster citizens-driven energy management.


Find out more about TwinERGY here. 

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