Can your home get faster broadband?

Ultrafast Broadband
29 Jun, 17 by Phil Higgins

Most people now use the internet every day.  It’s become the fifth utility for many people with the speed and quality of broadband becoming ever more important.

At least 93% of Bristol can already access superfast broadband, however, many residents are not aware how to access faster speeds and get a broadband package that suits the need of their household.  It’s important to remember that as the city’s broadband infrastructure is upgraded, you often don’t automatically get faster speeds.  It’s therefore important to know your broadband speed, current package and the options that are available to you to go faster.

What’s your broadband speed?

Visit our broadband speed checker to know your current speed

Main types of broadband speeds

  • Standard broadband – the slowest type of home broadband connection with download speeds up to 24 mbits per second (mbps)
  • Superfast broadband – download speeds of over 24 mbps and up to 76 mbps second over an existing telephone line
  • Ultrafast broadband – download speeds of over 300 mbps

Read the beginners guide to broadband

How does broadband get to my home?

Broadband infrastructure for residents is largely provided by Openreach (a BT business) and Virgin Media. Some areas of Bristol are covered by both companies, whilst some areas only have infrastructure from Openreach only.

BT Openreach’s infrastructure is open to a range of internet service providers (ISPs) like SKY, Plusnet and Talk Talk. Virgin Media’s cables only supply broadband from Virgin.  If you are served only by Openreach’s cables and they have not upgraded to superfast, you will not be able to currently access superfast speeds.

Can you get superfast broadband?  

What can you do with superfast broadband?

Superfast broadband will transform your internet experience by enabling you to better do those things online which need speed – such as video calling, downloading movies, playing games online – without slowdown and buffering, even when other people in your home are online.  For people working from home, you’ll be quicker and more productive with superfast broadband.

Check out this guide for what you can do with superfast broadband

Practical tips for faster broadband

Often by making a few small changes at home we can get more from our existing connection.  Find out how.

What if you can’t get superfast or faster broadband

Make sure you have checked the above sites to make sure you can’t already access super or ultrafast broadband.

  • Register your interest with BT, Virgin and new providers like Hyperoptic
  • Encourage your neighbours to register their interest with telecoms providers to show demand for faster services
  • Read the UK Government’s guide for how to organise a community-led scheme for better broadband
  • Organise a Community Fibre Partnership – an initiative from BT for communities to invest with BT in upgraded infrastructure
  • Check if you are eligible for help from the Government’s basic broadband scheme  (homes and businesses less than 2 mbits ps download)
  • Complete our survey so Bristol City Council is aware of your area’s lack of super / ultra fast services