Chair of Digital Challenge Judges Visits Bristol

Written by Stephen Hilton on 16 Nov, 06
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Bert Provan is the Chair of the government’s judging panel for Digital Challenge. Stephen Dodson is the Programme Director. Both will be in Bristol today.

The judges will be visiting each of the top-ten Digital Challenge authorities over the next few weeks. I was keen for Bristol to be either first or last in the programme – last had already be taken so we are kicking things off.

Although not part of the formal judging – the visit is a fantastic opportunity for the government team to meet people who are actively engaged in developing Bristol’s bid.

We have three round table discussions planned. One in the Knowle West Media Centre, one in Brislington City Learning Centre and finally at the Watershed. The discussions will focus on community, skills and creative business.

Bristol is a city with two tales – economic success and areas of persistant dseprivation. We aim to show Bert both sides and discuss how Connecting Bristol will help bridge the divide.

Community and education representatives, local business people, academics, the Council Leader and party heads, the Director of Culture and Leisure and Regional Manager of the BBC are amongst the 30-40 people who will be meeting Bert and Stephen during the day. If the weather holds up we will squeeze in a ferry ride although it looks a bit iffy at the moment.


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