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Written by Helen on 03 Nov, 06
World-class connectivity

Hi All, many thanks to all of you who showed up at the connectivity workshop. I thought the discussion went well and hopefully everyone felt that their points were heard. If you don’t feel that way – many apologies and please contact me via email if you do have further points you wish to raise.

In response to our question:

Connectivity – How can stakeholders across the region work together to ensure that no one is disadvantaged through lack of access to an affordable digital connection ?

The following points were made:-

1) PDAs for children – it was recognised that spreading the word and use of devices will largely take place through children using technologies. How can we use this to encourage wider take up?

2) Although access may be provided through a school environment – when students leave – access will still be required.

3) What technologies do people carry and for what reason ? ie laptops tend towards business use whereas dual mode smartphones (accessing via a hybrid networked infrastructure) are predominately used for leisure pursuits.

4) Content for smart phones – is it in an acceptable format which will be usable ?

5) What are the content interfaces and what exactly can be displayed on a smartphone screen

6) One common factor in all devices discussed was the need for power and recharging ability.

7) Which end of the spectrum do we start from ? Concentrate on getting the infrastructure right or look at the devices that may potentially use it ?

8) Information should be shared on similar type projects from across the country to enable best practice and ensure that the wheel is not constantly reinvented

9) We should start little and grow big

10) Education of users tends to slow the pace of roll out

11) Roll outs also tend to be carried out in multi speeds between those who have and those who have not

12) Bandwidth and speed of connection can be seen as a huge barrier to use and roll out

13) Who are the people or groups that we need to gain access to

14) There has to be a need or desire that IT can solve before many people may show interest

15) These will be different for individuals/groups

16) Thought that prioritising the groups and type of users would be advantageous

17) What business models, if any, exist for connecting within and outside Bristol

18) Speed of networks could become a major barrier to use

19) Is it possible to ensure delivery of an upgraded network to keep up with technology ?

Please feel free to add your own thoughts, ideas, issues etc

Keep up the blogging !

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