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Written by Woodsy on 31 Oct, 06
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Bristol Wireless has recently received an email from Ronnie Corbett, warden of Princess Royal Gardens in Redfield, where they installed an LTSP suite of allegedly ‘redundant’ computers in the residents’ common room. Ronnie now wishes to reach out to the local community and invite them in, where the resident mentoring team of silver surfers will be on hand to assist. The text of Ronnie’s email is reproduced below:

“I am writing on behalf of a group of elderly people in sheltered housing seeking education through lifelong learning, who have been assisted by Bristol Wireless and the Bristol Quartet to set up computer suites in several sheltered housing schemes that enable us to seek out information on any subject and in addition to obtain and have access to the same information as everyone else.

“Our wish is to share our use of the internet service and computer suite with the wider community and also to use the computers to connect and contact our neighbouring communities across Bristol and the world so as to enhance our lives and the lives of our fellow elderly people, regardless of their colour, creed, political persuasion or sexual preference.

“Much has already been achieved, but before we can invite those members of the wider community into Princess Royal Gardens, it will be necessary to make safe and hide all the wiring behind trunking and all the work that entails. We need funding to do this, which forms the next part of this worthwhile project. Bristol Quartet has already kindly provided grant aid to train 16 elderly people in the use of computers. Those 16 people have in turn acted as mentors, passing on what they have learnt to some thirty others and brought people together in a contented atmosphere of integration.

“The people who will benefit are the elderly, i.e. over 55s, plus anyone who may need help or who is lonely and isolated, any who are referred to us and who would wish to join us at times and dates to be arranged. This would also include anyone who fits the criterion of over 55 and who just wishes to be somewhere with people of their own age. We have no barrier to grandchildren. In fact, we welcome and encourage the children to help Gran or Granddad to use the computers effectively.

“Trusting that you feel our plea for funding is a worthy one, we thank you in anticipation and say thank you for all your previous help.

Yours sincerely
Ronald Corbett
Scheme Manager, Princess Royal Gardens”

If you feel you can help Ronnie, please feel free to call him on 07769882803 or email him.

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