Data and community. A Bristol and Bath hackathon

Written by Marius Jennings on 27 Sep, 19
City-wide innovation ecosystem
8th -10th november
The Engine Shed Station Approach Bristol BS1 6QH

Data and Community: Homelessness, housing and the digital divide

Bristol and Bath – sponsored by Innovate UK

How can we use data and data analytics to address some of our most intractable local challenges? How do we empower individuals and communities to live well, enabling independence and providing support to those that need it? How can we build communities that thrive?

‘Data and Community’ is a hackathon for problem solvers, innovators, designers, and programmers, who want to be part of developing innovative digital solutions to some of Bristol and Bath’s biggest social challenges.

Three topics will be looked into:

Topic 1 – Supporting the homeless and hidden homeless: How can we better use data to get better insight? How can we use data to better direct and target services in a way that works for people who need them?

Topic 2 – Housing: We know substandard housing is an issue for many. What is the current situation? How can we advance our understanding? And can we use data to improve the quality of people’s housing?

Topic 3 – Mind the gap (addressing the digital divide): Digital engagement is critical today for so many things – from accessing services to employability. But many are missing out. How do we close the gap?

Teamwork, creativity, and a desire to learn from your peers will be essential.

All meals and refreshments provided.

Please register for the event here

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