Ecobricks. Bricking-it Bristol

Written by Hannah Boast on 19 Aug, 19
City-wide innovation ecosystem

Bricking-it Bristol (BIB) is part of the Global Ecobrick movement. This movement is focused on reducing the quantity of plastics entering into the biosphere. This is being done by encouraging people to take personal responsibility for their plastic consumption. 

Ecobricks are plastic bottles filled and compacted with soft, clean and dry, single-use plastics. They are free, durable, and reusable building materials that can be given back to the community. They can also be used to build small structures – stools, benches, and community gardens.

BIB is largely an educational platform with the ambition of educating people on creative and innovative alternatives to single use plastic usage, as well as offer an alternative waste management system that is less detrimental to the environment.

This community-centred initiative supports Bristol City Council’s aims in becoming carbon neutral by 2030. It does this by encouraging a citywide reduction in black bin waste which is made up predominantly of soft plastics which are currently transported to landfill. 

As part of the Our Data commission, the Bricking-it Bristol team has been collecting qualitative data about knowledge of and attitudes towards soft plastic; developing a quantitative data set about bricks collected (eg. the amount/size of bricks and volume of plastics contained away from the biosphere) and recording lessons learnt through a focused effort to make good use of data for a social and environmental project.  

This has helped the team develop a greater understanding of how knowledgeable the Bristol community are about plastic waste, ecobricks and how to make them. This data is providing valuable insights for funding applications and monitoring the social enterprise that can be used to inform the community and informing plans to develop an educational platform.

Various additional material can be read below:

Bricking-it Bristol has recently developed into a Community Interest company with three female directors; Francis Gordan,Clara Humphries, Madeline Severne. 


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