Could faster, better broadband help your business? Give us your views!

Ultrafast Broadband
20 Mar, 17 by Phil Higgins

Fast, reliable high quality broadband is critical to the success of any business and Bristol’s wider economy. Bristol City Council wants to get an up-to-date view of Bristol’s businesses, large and small, of their experiences of their broadband connection and the demand for full fibre broadband, ultrafast speeds (above 300 mbps down) and higher quality connections.

Please take the Bristol broadband survey (takes about 5 minutes)

The council also wants to hear from organisations from the voluntary and community sector.

Bristol’s broadband market is now offering more choice than ever before to our local businesses. The city has a growing alternative network (alt net) sector of newer providers, like City Fibre, Hyperoptic and The Bristol Network offering offering fibre to the premises (FTTP) services and gigabit speeds. The established broadband network providers, BT Openreach and Virgin Media, also continue to invest heavily in full fibre and part fibre services giving businesses a better choice of broadband packages to suit the needs of businesses large and small. Together, Bristol’s telecoms providers are improving the availability of:

  • Ultrafast speeds – above 300 mbps download
  • Gigabit speeds with equal upload and download speeds
  • Better reliability

Bristol businesses that have already made the switch to super and ultrafast speeds report better productivity, stronger growth and a spur to other innovations in their business, like cloud services and VOIP telephony. Read some stories of how better connectivity has transformed local businesses

Businesses completing the survey can opt-in to invites to seminars to hear from other businesses’ experiences and new financial incentives to help them secure a full fibre connection.

The UK Government is helping accelerate the UK’s transition to full fibre and ultrafast speeds by investing £400 million in a new Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund. Bristol is set to compete with other areas with private sector partners to win a share of this funding.

Helen Holland, Cabinet member for Place, says: “We really want to hear from all Bristol businesses, so encourage you to complete our broadband survey. We want to be sure that we fully understand the issues currently and future opportunities for better broadband in the city.

“All businesses, in every area, SMEs, larger companies, voluntary organisations, public and private sector, are invited to give their views. We’ll use the results of the survey to help attract vital new investment to improve Bristol’s broadband which is so critical to our economic future.”

Read the Bristol City Council media release.