Written by Matthew Cockburn on 12 Aug, 16
City-wide innovation ecosystem

Flourish will:

i) Engage older people and others with assisted living needs to help develop CAV products, processes and services.

ii) Create an independent certification process in the areas of privacy, liability, cybersecurity and telecommunications.

iii) Conduct trials to develop services and products targeting increased security and trusted communications, as well as developing an understanding of risk and privacy issues arising from CAV deployment.

iv) Model the impact of CAVs on the transport network through the development of a cutting-edge real time data processing capability using technologies such as deep-learning neural networks. Flourish will also develop adaptable Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) for use in-vehicle and by traffic authorities.

Flourish will develop products and services which exploit these business opportunities and that enable the development of safe and secure CAVs.

Flourish will share the work and outcomes from the project, engaging with potential customers and advertising the Bristol City-Region as a hub for the development of CAV technologies. It will engage with communities and consumers to develop interest in the project, and engineering and technology more broadly.

Flourish is expected to bring a wide range of economic and wider social benefits to the area. These include benefits from creating jobs and securing Intellectual Property for local companies. There are expected to be significant benefits from gaining a better understanding of traffic flow and how it could be optimised. Autonomous vehicles are also expected to offer major benefits for improved access to mobility.

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