Bristol attends fourth REPLICATE General Assembly

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 25 Nov, 19
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Last month (29 – 31 October) more than 80 partners from the REPLICATE lead and follower cities, which include; Bristol (UK), San Sebastian (Spain), Florence (Italy), Nilülfer (Turkey), Essen (Germany) and Laussanne (Switzerland), came together in Florence, Italy, for the consortium’s fourth General Assembly.

The event was an opportunity for all of the REPLICATE consortia to learn from one another and generate future ideas for the five year project. Each lead city presented the work they had delivered over the last year and European Commission representatives had the chance to ask questions.

On the second day, all of the partners had the opportunity to see some of the interventions deployed in Florence. This included Smart Irrigation, Smart Waste and Smart Lighting, as well as a visit to their Smart City control room. A taxi app was also showcased.

General Assembly study visit

At the end of the event, various project partners led workshops focusing on three themes – energy, mobility and ICT. The workshops also looked at how the REPLICATE project could be scaled up, if any of the interventions could become a commercial venture and how the project results can be monitored and evaluated.

The three day assembly was a huge success for the REPLICATE project. It provided a strong foundation for all lead and follower cities to continue with their research for the final 18 months of the project.

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