Help ODI and DCMS understand how to develop the mapping that relates to our Telecoms and Digital infrastructure

Written by Katherine Rooney on 02 Mar, 16
World-class connectivity
21st march 09:30 to 12:30
Engine Shed Station Approach Bristol BS1 6QH

The Open Data Institute (ODI)  is working with Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) to understand how to better develop the mapping that relates to our Telecoms & Digital Infrastructure.

This workshop is part of a short project for DCMS to understand uses for open data that describe the UK’s public sector telecommunications and digital infrastructure.

ODI and DCMS want to gather requirements from new and potential users, through three workshops (this one is in Bristol, there are another two in Leeds and London), and provide recommendations around how to best publish and share the data.

If you own infrastructure, or publish and use relevant data ODI and DCMS would love to get your input.

You could be:

  • A local authority;
  • A large or small SME telecoms operator;
  • A construction company;
  • A data innovator, startup, SME; or
  • A regulator.

A maximum of 20 people can join, so if you are interested, book now to avoid disappointment.

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