The Innovate Bristol e-book is now live

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 18 Nov, 19
Focus on city challenges

Bristol, with its exciting innovation ecosystem, is the first city in the UK to join the international Innovate publishing series.

Each Innovate book from Global Village Publishing showcases a different city from around the world, providing an in-depth study to the people, companies, products and services that are leading the way with innovation and entrepreneurialism.

The Innovate Bristol book captures how the city has been able to establish itself as one of Europe’s top cities for technology. The book opens with a foreword from the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees (page seven), followed by an overview of Bristol City Council’s Connected City team (page 27) and Bristol’s REPLICATE project (page 31).

Innovate Bristol is available to read for free as an e-book. Most articles are also AR-video enabled, inviting readers to learn more about how Bristol is becoming a world-class technology hub.

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