Innovate UK is seeking SMEs to tackle issues through use of tech

Written by Jamal Chamberlain on 05 Feb, 20
City-wide innovation ecosystem

Innovate UK is looking for innovative SMEs in Mobility, Sustainability or Housing to start conversations with UK Local Authorities about the part innovative tech can play in addressing these challenges.

Events will take place across five UK cities – Bristol, Nottingham, Exeter, Cardiff and Derry.

Innovate UK’s Domestic Missions pilot programme aims to encourage UK Local Authorities and SMEs to share learning and insights about the nature of urban challenges and the potential benefits of new technology, products and services. Experts will also be on hand to present information about local government procurement processes, and routes to access funding to develop and test innovative technologies.

Please register your interest if you would like to take part in the programme. Call closes 14th Feb 2020 If you’re selected, Innovate UK will invite you to kick-off events in the cities mentioned above.

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