Join OFCOM citizen researchers and help map Bristol’s connectivity

Written by Phil Higgins on 29 Sep, 16
World-class connectivity

OFCOM is encouraging Android users across the country to become a citizen researcher and join a national “crowdsourced research project“ which aims to better map the UK’s mobile and WiFi network performance.  If we get enough volunteers in Bristol, we’ll improve our understanding of our city’s connectivity.

Download the app

After downloading the app, it runs in the background and automatically measures the performance of Mobile and WiFi networks (e.g. app use, voice call reliability, signal strength, location and data speeds).  Users can check out the dashboard on the app for the latest results and will be asked to periodically give their feedback on the quality of the service.  Users can uninstall the app at any time to leave the project.  OFCOM is working with technical partner P3 Communications on this project.

At the end of the research, Ofcom will then use the anonymised data to create more accurate maps to report UK service quality, coverage and plan for better connectivity in the future.

As with all apps, users are recommended to check terms of use and the FAQs.

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