Local website takes the casual job search online for students

Written by Kevin O'Malley on 02 Sep, 15
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Wurkrs.com is a new website that has just launched in Bristol. Founded by a Bristol university graduate, it aims to connect university students with part-time and one-off jobs whilst studying at university.

The graduate jobs market is saturated with websites trying to cash in on placing the UK’s smartest new employees in high flying jobs. But what about whilst the students are studying? With the cost of going to university at an all-time high, a huge number of students need a part-time job to supplement their loan. While studying in Bristol Sam Hyams, wurkrs.com founder, discovered that  he had to travel around the local shops and pubs handing out CVs. He saw an opportunity which seemed particularly to fit here in Bristol, a City that values technology and innovation so highly.

So wurkrs.com was launched; a completely free service for both students and employers that aims to take the search for a casual job online. The website provides a streamlined approach to job hunting, simplify the hiring process for businesses in the Bristol area.

The service is completely free and encourages all types of jobs from individuals who want their fence painted, to part-time bar work, to a full-time position in one of Bristol’s tech start-ups.

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