May the Force be with Connecting Bristol

Written by Stephen Hilton on 13 Mar, 07
World-class connectivity

When you don’t have a charm with you, crossing your fingers averts bad luck”.

Many Bristol fingers and even a few toes will be crossed tomorrow because it is Digital Challenge final announcement day. Eight of us – Jane, Kevin, Dick, Clare, Makala, Barbara, Jaya and me will be heading to London in a minibus. At the QEII Hall in Westminster we will hear the Ministerial announcement of the winner and eat some sandwiches. Supporters and the media will gather at Watershed to watch the live webcast.

The decision is expected at around 12.45pm. The agenda is as follows:

12:00 Open and Welcome Stephen Dodson, Innovations and Challenge
Programme Director, DCLG

12.05 City of London Philip Willoughby – Chairman of the Finance Committee

12:15 Digital Inclusion and Jeff Mc Whinney, Director, Significan’t

12:30 Digital Challenge Angela Smith MP,Parliamentary Undersecretary of State for Communities & Local Government

12:45 Winner’s Announcement Angela Smith MP

12:47 Acceptance speech Winner

12:55 Closing Remarks Stephen Dodson, Innovations and Challenge Programme Director

I have spent much of the day preparing our 5 minute winning speeches and our even shorter losing media statement. At least one of them will be used. When I told my son tonight that the odds were ten-to-one against us winning he said, “well at least that’s better than when Luke blew up the Death Star – that was a million to one” …. well, I have always had a sense that the force is with us.

Watch us squirm live here

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