Meeting with Bristol Wireless

Written by Helen on 03 Oct, 06
Focus on city challenges World-class connectivity

I had a very interesting conversation with Sam on Monday 2nd Oct concerning the fantastic work Bristol Wireless had undertaken on behalf of the Council to implement a wireless backbone between Easton and Knowle West.  For those of you unclear as to why we would want to do this – a bit of history…

As part of the European Vivldi project a community wireless network was setup in Knowle West, to ensure sutainability Bristol Wireless were tasked with connecting the two wireless networks… history lessen ended.

Well the good news is that there is now a sutainable wifi link utilizing 802.11a.  Sam says this works really well and is a stable backbone upon which the intention is to spur into local communities ensuring a connected approach ensues.

More exciting stuff is that Bristol Wireless and BMEX are talking together about possibilities of “beaming” access across the river into the new and trendy Paintworks on the Bath Rd – so for all of you who want to drink and work – watch this space for hotspot connectivity.

Will post more soon so don’t go to far from the blog…. 


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