National Judging

Written by Stephen Hilton on 16 Jun, 06
World-class connectivity

Yesterday Carolyn Hassan from Knowle West Media Centre, Dick from the Watershed, Council Leader Barbara Janke and I presented Bristol’s Digital Challenge bid to the national judging panel and … we did great! 

The presentation took place in London’s Guildhall Art Gallery, a very impressive location – the sort of place designed to remind you who is really in charge.  Stephen Dodson and Helen Goulden, the Challenge Directors  were charming and welcoming, helping to put us at ease.  The judging panel appeared to warm considerably as we made our presentation. Their questions were direct and insightful.

So will we go through to the next round?  I think so but whatever happens, we presented Bristol's bid clearly, confidently and credibly – we could have hoped for no more. 

We now have to wait untill 12th July when the Minister will announce the ten lucky winners – and by default, the eight ‘runners up’ – can you type with your fingers crossed?

Thanks to everyone for their support


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