How a BT Community Fibre Partnership could solve your slow internet

Written by Daniel Lizarbe Marco on 21 Nov, 16
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Are you a resident or business located in an area of Bristol where there are no current plans for superfast broadband?

To see if this applies to you, please visit BT Openreach’s site  After entering your details, if the response is ‘exploring solutions’ and there is no service from an alternative telecoms provider, a BT Community Fibre Partnership could help.

The BT Community Fibre Partnership Scheme aims to reach those people and businesses not in a government or commercial roll out plan for superfast broadband.  It offers them a co-funded solution to upgrade their local telecoms infrastructure to superfast broadband.  In this scheme, BT pay the commercial cost of the upgrade and the community are asked to make a contribution towards a fibre broadband upgrade in their area (covering the uneconomic proportion of the cost).  The contribution could, for example, co-fund the cost of a new fibre telecoms cabinet.

The scheme is open to residents and businesses and has enabled communities around the country to finally access superfast broadband speeds – see the case studies

Find out more about BT Community Fibre Partnerships

Extra funding now available for partnerships with schools in their area

BT has made a £2 million grant available for fibre partnerships with schools in their area.  This enables communities not covered by fibre broadband rollout plans to apply for a grant of up to £20,000 toward the cost of their new fibre infrastructure, if that new infrastructure could also serve their local school.

Find out more about grant funding for partnerships with schools



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