Open Data Institute report to strengthen The REPLICATE project’s Smart City Platform

Written by admin on 31 Oct, 17
Focus on city challenges

Working with the REPLICATE project partners in Bristol, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has produced recommendations for the development of Bristol’s Smart City Platform. These recommendations will help the REPLICATE project to create a strong smart city data infrastructure.

Key recommendations for the Bristol pilot include:

  • Commit to maximising the amount of data that is published openly, while respecting privacy.
  • Develop common data policy and licensing approaches to promote consistent data sharing and open data publishing.
  • Develop common approaches to promote data integration and usability.

Local partners are now working to implement the ODI’s recommendations.

While the ODI’s recommendations have been developed specifically for the REPLICATE project in Bristol, our hope is that the recommendations in the report can be used by other cities looking to create or improve their data infrastructure.

Find out more and read the full report here:

You can find out more about Open Data in Bristol and access Bristol’s Open Data Platform at

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