One step into the future – Smart energy and electric vehicles

10 Sep, 17 by Luke Loveridge

The UK Government recently published its smart energy plan and its air quality plan including an announcement that it would ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040. This is important as it will affect us all.

Putting aside arguments whether these plans go far enough; it supports the general direction of travel towards a more flexible, decentralised smart energy system, and an acceleration of electric vehicles over the next few decades.


  • Breathing clean air in our cities with less noise pollution
  • Cheaper energy bills
  • Your home turning things on automatically when you want, but also when it is cheapest and greenest
  • Many more homes generating their own renewable energy
  • Being able to trade the unused energy you generate at home with your neighbours
  • A resilient energy system; black-outs a thing of the past
  • Massive reductions in carbon emissions; the UK doing its bit for the planet

The REPLICATE project in Bristol, an EU funded smart city research and development project, is focussing precisely on areas that will help us in this transition. Whether it is through our smart energy home pilot, installing charge points, or increasing the availability and use of shared electric vehicles – I encourage you to look at our REPLICATE webpages and if you are interested, please do sign-up to our newsletter and fill in our expression of interest form.

See you in the future!